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Availability Analysis and Improvement of Software Rejuvenation Using Virtualization
Thandar Thein, Sung-Do Chi, Jong Sou Park
Simulation of an Economic Policy on Second Life Using a Conjunctural Analysis Approach
Yrina Janvier
Asymmetric Information – Adverse Selection Problem
Anamaria Aldea, Dumitru Marin
Methods of Analysis and Evaluation of the Bankruptcy Risk
Mihaela Bîrsan, Ştefăniţă Şuşu, Alina Balan
A Diagnosis Model of the Economical and Social differences, as a Support for the Regional Development Policies
The New Economy- Knowledge Based Economy
Carmen Marin
The Profitability – Risk Relationship and Financing Decision
Nicoleta Barbuta-Misu
Innovation Seeking Strategy of IT Outsourcing on e-Europe
Rozalia Nistor, Gianita Bleoju, Alexandru Capatina
E-Governance Frameworks - Agenda Ahead
Nityesh Bhatt
The Impact of the New Information and Communication Technologies on the Performance Control Indicators System
 Adriana OLARU, Alexandru CAPATINA
Business Continuity Planning for Risk Reduction
Ion PLUMB, Andreea ZAMFIR, Delia TUDOR
Reverse Logistics as Source of Competitive Advantages and its Relationship with Total Quality Management
Antonio Mihi-Ramírez, Jesús Arteaga-Ortiz
How Should they Affect Pricing Decisions? Difficult Comparison Effect
Angela Eliza Micu, Adrian MICU
The Investment Policy Key Element for the Development and Integration of Romania Into the EU
Florin Buhociu, Liliana Moga, Florina Virlanuta
Stochastic Simulation of the Exchange Rate
Corina Sbughea, Anamaria Aldea
The Retail Romanian Market and the Functional Integrated Commercial Centers
Ionica SOARE, Ludmila Daniela MANEA
Information the Invisible Hand of Development and Progress
Mihaela Cornelia Petrache
Revisiting the Competitiveness of Romanian Manufacturing Industry
Ovidiu Rujan, Dana Gârdu