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The Role of Certification in the Brazilian Fruit Chain
Andréa Cristina Dörr
Monetization of Environmental Externalities (Emissions) from Bioenergy
Isabelle Brose
A Micro-Economic Analysis of Farm Restructuring in Khorezm Region, Uzbekistan
Nodir Djanibekov
South-East Region in Bulgaria: Economic Performance and Key Sectors Analysis
Antoaneta Golemanova
Change in Farm Production Structure Within Different CAP Schemes – an LP Modelling Approach
Jaka Žgajnar, Emil Erjavec, Stane Kavčič
An Intelligent Knowledge Management System from a Semantic Perspective
Modelling Options for Policy Impact Analysis on African Dairy Farms
Oghaiki Asaah NDAMBI
Regional Welfare Effects of the Common Agricultural Policy
Rüdiger Elsholz
Reswitching of Techniques in the Modern Agriculture: a Theoretical Background
Antonio Sortino, Margherita Chang Ting Fa
The Problems of the Identical Product Name on the EU Common Agrarian Market
Vojtěch Tamáš
Land Reform and Rural Households in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam
Nguyen Trung Thanh
A Multiagent Platform for Developments of Accounting Intelligent Applications
Adrian Lupaşc
Businesses Integration with Workflow and Web Service Technologies
The Enterprise' Performance in the Knowledge Based Society
Nicoleta Barbuta-Misu
Possibilities and Financing Limits of Romanian Companies by the Share Market
Florin Buhociu, Florina Vîrlănuţă, Liliana Moga, Viorica Ioan
Romanian Pattern in Absorption and Management of European Structural Funds - A Critical Analysis
EU Strategies and the Role of Education for Sustainable Development
Cornelia Elena Tureac, Anca Gabriela Turtureanu