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Creative Math. and Inf. is a category B+ journal in the CNCSIS classification

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Mathematical Reviews
Zentralblatt MATH

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Under the current name, Creative Math. and Inf., the journal was issued with vol. 15 (2006) and is published in one volume per year, two issues each volume (since vol. 17, 2008, respectively, one issue each volume for vol. 15 and 16).

     This journal is a continuation of "Creative Mathematics", published regularly in one volume per year, one issue each volume, in the period 2003-2005, that is, from vol. 12 (2003) till vol. 14 (2005). 
     Before 2003, the journal appeared under the name "Lucrarile Seminarului de Creativitate Matematica" and was published regularly in one volume per year, one issue each volume.

Politică Editorială Politică Editorială

Creative Math. and Inf. publishes high quality original research papers and survey articles in all areas of pure and applied mathematics, computer science, didactics and history of mathematics and computer science. It will also occasionally publish, as special issues, proceedings of international conferences (co)-organized by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, North University of Baia Mare. There is no fee for the published papers. All published papers are usually written in English, but we also accept papers in French.