Close relationship between laboratory investigations and human general pathology require the laboratory medicine as a necessary interdisciplinary speciality, needed for the medical practice based on scientific evidence. Romanian Journal of Laboratory Medicine, official publication of the Romanian Association of Medical Laboratories, publishes on a quarterly basis since December 2005. Romanian Review of Laboratory Medicine seeks to be a forum where all practitioners and researchers interested in the field are able to disclose the results of their work or to share their views on the theoretical aspects of laboratory medicine.

Romanian Review of Laboratory Medicine publishes original papers, general and professional reports of laboratory medicine. The objective of the journal is to publish new information that would lead to a better understanding of biological mechanisms of production of human diseases, their prevention and diagnosis as early as possible and to monitor therapy and the development of the health of patients . The magazine includes a section "Course Notes" with the target audience for medical residents and for those wishing to update their knowledge in the areas addressed.

Before being published, the articles are reviewed by the scientific reviewers and redacted. Articles are sent to reviewers with experience in laboratory medicine, in medical universities from the country or abroad, without specifying the name and position of the authors. Also, the reviewer's name is not known by the authors.

We hope that the Romanian Review of Laboratory Medicine is to make an important contribution to the international dissemination of the Romanian medicine results.