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The Romanian Journal of Psychology (RJoP) is an open-access, peer-reviewd publication, intended for a worldwide audience. Original, quality papers are invited and welcomed from Romanian authors and scholars around the world.

RJoP aims to provide a platform for communicating scientific advancements in psychology, including: cognition; health and clinical psychology; education and development, social processes,  organizational and occupational psychology among others, and to open up space for fruitful debates on topics of widespread interest.

Publication frequency

The journal is published biannually by Department of Psychology - Institute of Philosophy and Psychology "C. Rădulescu-Motru" of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania. The journal occasionally publishes special issues on topics of main interest.

The language of the journal is English.


You may find it useful to check our Guidelines for submissions for more information on specific submission requirements, or you may contact directly the Editorial team.

email: rjop@ipsihologie.ro

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