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Professional competences: interpretations from a modern demands perspective

Botnari, Valentina; pp. 7-15 Abstract

The professional activity of school psychologists: needs and ideals

Drugaş, Ioana; Dulău, Alina; Drugaş, Marius; pp. 16-38 Abstract

Disruptive anger in adolescents: theory, research, and treatment issues

Broll-Barone, Bruno; Iacovelli, Anthony; Kassinove, Howard; pp. 39-46Abstract

Who are the victims and aggressor at school? Does victimization constitute a dominant factor in the development of aggression in children and adolescents?

Hangan, Andreea Ioana; Petruţ, Jenica; pp. 47-60 Abstract

Studying the transliteral equivalence between the original English version of the Test Anxiety Inventory - TAI - and the Romanian version - IAT

Robu, Viorel; pp. 61-71 Abstract

Measuring irrational beliefs with the IDEA Inventory: A proposed revision

Buianina, Tatiana; Armelius, Bengt-Åke; pp. 72-80 Abstract

Adolescents' identity orientation and perception of the parenting context

Negovan, Valeria; Asiminei, Minodora; pp. 81-94 Abstract

Creativity and academic achievement of younger pupils

Petrulytė, Ala; pp. 95-99 Abstract

Perspectives upon competences in the Russian system of preschool education teachers training

Volobueva, Ludmila; Osinenko, Maria; pp. 100-103 Abstract

Investigating the relationship between self-esteem, dieting beliefs and body esteem in the case of adolescents

Roşeanu, Gabriel; Fako, Anita; pp. 104-112 Abstract

The making of personality

Maas, Margaret M.; pp. 113-116 Abstract