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Editorial. Dynamics of life and moving in to the future

Rohde, Ulrich L.; pp. 7-9; Full text

Developing an assessment scale for immoral behavior

Avram, Eugen; Ionescu, Daniela ; pp. 10-24; Abstract

Educational video games in the middle: parents, psychologists, gamers. A pilot study

Drugaş, Marius; pp. 25-41; Abstract

A brief review of ipsative measures in Psychology

Roşeanu, Gabriel; pp. 42-50 Abstract

On prosocial behavior and  moral motivation in the school competition area

Bîrle, Delia; Coita, Cecilia; pp. 51-58 Abstract

Impulsivity, hyperactivity, and attention deficit in terms of individual learner differences

Drugaş, Ioana; Csépes, Ildikó;  pp. 59-77 Abstract

Developing emotional and spiritual intelligence in children

Santi, Elena-Ancuţa; pp. 78-85 Abstract