About the journal About the journal

The journal Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management (TERUM) was founded by the Research Centre in Public Administration and Public Services (CCASP), Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania, in November 2006.

The journal aims to provide theoretically and empirically informed analysis on social, economical and technical issues related with urban development and management.

Embracing a multidisciplinary approach to the field, the journal publishes papers on a wide range of topics related to urban management:

  • urban planning

  • urban development

  • urban design

  • urban policies

  • urban infrastructure management

  • municipal environmental policies

  • urban sustainable management

  • urban transportation

  • urban simulation

  • urban modelling

  • geographic information and planning support systems

  • urban technologies

  • local governance

  • housing policy and finance

  • urban environmental development and pollution control

  • inner city renewal and heritage

  • real estate and project management

  • urban poverty

  • urban affairs

  • any other topic relevant to the above fields

The journal is addressed to diverse communities, including, but not limited to, academics, urban designers, architects, economists, geographers, political scientists, sociologists, undergraduate and postgraduate students, anyone with a serious interest in the urban management.