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Thematic scope and objectives

The journal Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe/Diversitate și Identitate Culturală în Europa, abbreviated as DICE, is devoted to European cultural dialogue, with an ample scope towards universality. We publish analyses regarding the correspondences between particular and general, individual and communal, local and universal in the areas of thought, communication and discourse, attitudes, behaviours, education, creation, social and political action.

Our publication seeks to contribute to a better understanding of intercultural phenomena, of the processes of continuous transformation of cultural identity, of the accelerated, sweeping changes Europe is undergoing in the general context of globalization.


The present journal represents a new series, which continues the previous DICE series:

  • 2004 – 2006: we issued a volume per year, in Romanian or French, comprising the scientific articles presented within international conferences centred on the theme of cultural identity (ISBN, issued on 15 November).
  • 2007 – 2009: the annual publication on 15 November was continued; the area of selected contributions is expanded to articles written in French or English, with the abstract and keywords in Romanian (no. 4/2007 and no. 5/2008, with ISBN; from no. 6/2009, with ISSN 2067-0931).
  • 2010 –2015: the publication became biannual, with issues on 15 May and 15 November each year; the languages of publication are French and English, with contributions predominantly in English, though we also accept contributions in Spanish, German, Italian, in conformity with the idea of diversity promoted by the journal. However, with a view to ensuring a unitary character and greater visibility, the editorial board requires that the abstract and keywords should be written exclusively in English.
  • 2016 – biannual publication, with issues on 15 May and 15 November; the languages of publication: Romanian and English (or French/German/Spanish/Italian).


DICE is a biannual publication: it appears on 15 May and 15 November of every year.

The editorial board stresses the fact that it has always met these deadlines throughout the course of its existence.

Open Access

This is a journal with free access to the text, which means that its entire content is available free of charge for users and the institution they are affiliated to. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, to follow or redirect the link for the abstracts or full texts of the articles in this journal, without asking for the editor's or author's permission, on condition that the original source is cited completely and accurately in the system of references and in the final bibliography of the materials in which it has been used. This procedure is in conformity with the BOAI definition of the concept of Open access.

Journal Databases

DICE has been indexed in various Journal Databases, among which:

European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS)

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Other databases:

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Submitting articles and having them published in the DICE Review is free of charge.

ISSN: 2067-0931

Creative Commons Licence

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