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Romanian Biotechnological Letters is an international journal published six times a year. This journal is dedicated to publishing original research papers, reviews, and short communications (not exceeding 8 printed pages) in the areas of biotechnology and related disciplines. The covered areas, topics and subjects include all the aspects of biotechnology. Romanian Biotechnological Letters is edited by the University of Bucharest with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Research and CNCSIS (National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education).

Romanian Biotechnological Letters also sets upon supporting the publishing of the most important research in the domain of Applied Biotechnology, performed in specialized laboratories led by renowned science personalities. Romanian Biotechnological Letters also encourages young researchers who attend courses and syllabuses of specialization, master students, PhD students, young specialists from scientific communities led by personalities that are acknowledged both nationally and worldwide.
Romanian Biotechnological Letters is a publication that is assessed and acknowledged by the CNCSIS, dependent upon the Ministry of Education and Research, indexed in the main periodicals for scientific information having an old tradition within the international scientific community.
Romanian Biotechnological Letters is distributed via a mutual exchange to well-known libraries worldwide and to numerous European countries on the basis of a subscription.

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Editor in chief: Jurcoane Stefana

Editorial Secretary: RBL Journal

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