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On 15 February 1864, in Bucharest, at the initiative of a group of young officers, the first issue of România Militară/Military Romania appeared, as an independent publication, having as a motto on the cover: military science, art and history. By Royal Decree no. 3663, on 1 January 1898, România Militară/Military Romania became the official journal of the General Staff.
By 1989, it appeared under different names - Revista militară generală, Cultura militară, Probleme de artă militară. Since 1990, it has had the current name - Gândirea militară românească and has been published six issues per year.
As a publication of military theory and science, published by the Romanian Armed Forces General Staff, Gândirea militară românească journal is aimed at both the Romanian military officer corps and the governmental and non-governmental institutional environments concerned with national and international military issues.
Within the pages of the journal, there are discussed fundamental issues of national military construction, ideas on organising, equipping, training and commanding the armed forces, strategy and tactics, as well as the main concepts and doctrines affirmed in the international military thinking.
It is recognised by Consiliul Naţional al Cercetării Ştiinţifice din Învăţământul Superior/National University Research Council and included in the "B+" category.
Since 2005, the journal has had an English version - Romanian Military Thinking, four issues per year.
Each year, the Gândirea militară românească Journal Awards are bestowed on the most valuable conceptual works in the field of military theory and science.
Since 2009, the Journal has been included in the Journals Master List of the Index Copernicus International database:

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Despre Despre

Editorial Board

Chairman: Lieutenant General Dr Dan GHICA-RADU - Deputy Chief of the General Staff



  • - Academician Dan BERINDEI - Vice President of the Romanian Academy
  • - Lieutenant General Dr Teodor FRUNZETI - Commandant (Rector) of "Carol I" National Defence University
  • - Lieutenant General Dr Sorin IOAN  - Chief of the Romanian Armed Forces Staff
  • - Lieutenant General Dr CÂRNU Fănică - Chief of the Romanian Air Force Staff
  • - Vice-Admiral Dr Aurel POPA - Chief of the Romanian Naval Forces Staff
  • - Major General Dr Avram Cătănici - Director of the General Staff
  • - Major General Alexandru RUS - Chief of Operations Directorate within the General Staff
  • - Air Flotilla General Dr Florian RĂPAN - Deputy Chief of Training and Doctrine Directorate within the General Staff
  • - Brigadier General Dr Gheorghe MOTOC - Chief of Structures and Armament Planning Directorate within the General Staff
  • - Colonel Dr Mircea TĂNASE - Editor-in-Chief of the Romanian Military Thinking Journal

Scientific Reviewers

  • - General (r.) Professor Dr Mihail ORZEAŢĂ
  • - Brigadier General (r.) Professor Dr Costică ŢENU
  • - Colonel Dr Ion ROCEANU

Editorial staff


  • - Editor-in-chief: Colonel Dr Mircea TĂNASE - e-mail:
  • - Deputy Editor-in-chief: Alina PAPOI - e-mail:
  • - Editor: Iulia NĂSTASIE - e-mail:
  • - Editor: Adelaida-Mihaela RADU -e-mail:
  • - Editor: Diana Cristiana LUPU - e-mail:

Contact Contact

Bucharest, 110 Izvor Street, sector 5
Tel.: (004)021 410.40.40 / 1001732 sau 1001739
Fax: (401) 319.56.63


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