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Amfiteatru Economic is a refereed journal published by the Academy of Economic Studies, the leading management, business, and economics university in Romania.

The journal presents peer-reviewed research articles by scholars and practitioners coming from a wide range of disciplines. Areas covered include political economy, international trade, marketing, consumer behavior, business ethics, corporate governance, general management, finance, administration, international relations, industrial organizations, and public policy.

Amfiteatru Economic welcomes high quality, innovative contributions that have a potential to expand the boundaries of theoretical and empirical knowledge. The journal aims to become a widely recognized interdisciplinary forum for scholarly and policy debates of vital concern to particular countries, areas, and the larger international community.

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The AMFITEATRU ECONOMIC journal is clasified by the National Council of Scientific Research of Higher Education (CNCSIS) in the A Category.

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Impact factor:           
2010 = 0,320
2011 = 0,757
2012 = 0,953

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Editura ASE
Piata Romana nr. 6, sector 1, Bucuresti, Romania, Cod 010374
Phones: 021.319.19.00 int. 401, 146
Fax: 319.18.99

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