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The journal valorizes and releases studies, original research, Romanian and international scientific contributions in the field of personal development, experiential counseling and psychotherapy, therapy of unification (T.U.) – a Romanian humanistic-experiential method of standard and experiential psychodiagnosis, applied in the assistance offered to adults, children, couples, families, transgenerational relationships, organizations and communities.

The journal promotes a holistic, unifying and integrative view, spirituality, freedom, creativity, tolerance and efficiency, individual and collective responsibility. It supports all efforts aimed at the practice of an ecological and transforming psychology in order to improve the human and health condition. It also promotes up-to-date research in the clinical and extra-clinical field, in the recovery and prevention of psychic and psycho-somatic dysfunctions and disorders. In addition to these, the journal supports psycho-social integration and adjustment, the harmonization and stir of the collective evolution process. It addresses the specialists from the humanistic fields (psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, medicine, social care, sociology, psycho-pedagogy), as well as all those interested in the dynamics of health, experiential education and human transformation.

The Scientific Board includes prestigious university teachers and experts from Romania and other countries such as France, Germany, United States of America, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Rep. of Moldova, Israel and Spain.

The journal is open for publishing to specialists from all over the world.

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Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy is acknowledged in B+ category (CNCSIS) and it is indexed IDB - in the International Data Bases, known for Psychology and Educational Sciences according to the Appendix 28 published in Monitorul Oficial, Part I, no. 890 bis/27.XII.2012:

The journal is a quarterly review.

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Bucureşti, Splaiul Independenței, nr. 17,

bl. 101, sc. 2, et. 4, ap. 29, sector 5,

Bucharest, cod 022154, Romania

tel. (+4)0722.508.098, (+4)0733.918.016,

tel./fax (+4),

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