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The Journal of Languages for Specific Purposes (JLSP) is an open access journal and publishes studies on Applied Modern Languages (English, French, German and Italian) and Language teaching at academic levels of specialization for various professions or fields of activity.

The mission of the journal is to create a communication platform for foreign language teachers with academic activity in non-philological fields and it aims to facilitate exchange of experience and ideas. Given the specificity of their intermediate status, between philology and various fields of specialty, these teachers – researchers at the same time – need their own forum to give expression to the aforementioned dichotomy and pluralism. It is this role that the journal wants to assume, offering its contributors help in their didactic activity through exchange of experience between academics and at the same time providing them new perspectives and prestige regarding the research work they undertake.

Studies published are double-blind peer reviewed and fall into one of the following categories: state-of-art articles, methodological studies, conceptual articles, original research reports, case studies, book reviews.

The languages of the papers are – according to the object of each study – English, French, German or Italian.

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