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 "Philologica Jassyensia" is a biannual journal which has been published since 2005. It offers the opportunity of establishing an intercultural academic dialogue among the Romanian specialists (from Romania and from abroad) and the foreign scholars concerned with research in linguistics, literature, ethnology – Romanian culture as a whole. The journal underlines the place of Romanian philological research in the European context and equally hosts the results of foreign academic research in the area of Romanian studies by colleagues from Europe, the USA, Canada etc, which is necessary for synchronizing the philological and cultural activity carried on by specialists in Romanian studies from all over the world.
    The authors of the articles published in this journal are university professors and researchers who have specialized in the area of philological national and international studies. The Academic Committee of the journal is formed of outstanding Romanian and foreign personalities. "Philologica Jassyensia" fills a gap concerning specialized publications as it establishes a balance between two vectors: the need to promote Romanian research abroad and the necessity that the Romanian scholars should have the opportunity of reading the results of the studies written by their foreign colleagues regarding Romanian culture both on its structural level and on its relationships with other cultural areas.
    The articles that have been published in "Philologica Jassyensia" since 2005 correspond to the objectives established by the editorial staff. The intercultural dialogue offers the opportunity of (re)discovering the spiritual values of the Romanian and universal patrimony.

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