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  • Revistă: Psihologia Resurselor Umane
  • Editură APIO
  • Redactor şef Coralia Sulea
  • ISSN 1583-7327
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The Psihologia Resurselor Umane Journal is the official journal of the Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (APIO). PRU is devoted to publishing original investigations that contribute to an understanding of situational and individual challenges within an organizational context and that bring forth new knowledge in the field. The journal publishes primarily empirical articles, and also welcomes methodological and theoretical articles on a broad range of topics covered by Organizational, Industrial, Work, Personnel and Occupational Health Psychology.

Audience includes scholars, educators, managers, HR professionals, organizational consultants, practitioners in organizational and employee development. This journal is currently abstracted and indexed in the following databases: PsychINFO, EBSCO, SCIPIO, Société Française de Psychologie, DOAJ and Copernicus. Examples of topics covered in this journal are: job demands and resources, work stress, employee well-being, employee, positive and negative work behaviors, work-family conflict, personality in work contexts, leadership, job attitudes, HR practices, work motivation, personal resources, team effectiveness, employee performance, methods in I/O psychology.


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Asociatia de Psihologie Industriala si Organizationala
Strada Grigore Moisil, nr. 42, sector 2, București, cod poștal 023796

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