The Journal of Social Informatics (Revista de Informatica Sociala (Ro), JSI), was launched in 2004 as an online journal on social informatics, distance and e-learning, exploring the potential of electronic publishing.

Although the range of works dedicated to Social Informatics (SI)  is complex and very dynamic, the Romanian studies in this field lack, at the moment, the needed consistency to stand a comparison with the consistency typical of other academic areas. Consequently, JSI aims to fill this empty space, which is too vast anyway.

The JSI addresses equally teachers, researchers, theoreticians and practitioners in the field,  MA candidates, Ph.D candidates, students, as well as all those interested in the social impact of new ICT, whether they are IT, educational or social sciences specialists, analysts or experts.

The JSI will publish articles (papers) connected to the social aspects of computerization, studies linked to the information society and any topic related to the area of social informatics. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to:

  • types of discourse related to computerization - the technological utopia and dystopia
  • the economic, cultural, and organizational dimensions of computerization
  • social relationships on electronic forums
  • computerization and the change of job/work place - the role of the new information and communication technologies in various professions
  • social and personal control
  • security systems and social vulnerability
  • ethical perspectives and professional responsibilities (hacking, fraud)
  • social behaviour of people who develop and use computerized systems
  • the impact of new ICT in education
  • online distance education and e-learning
  • computerization as a form of democracy
  • risks of computerization (medical diagnosis, financial transactions)
  • influences on the professional and private life
  • virtual communities
  • the growing importance of cyber-culture
  • national and international policies
  • e-health
  • digital entertainment, etc.

The journal is currently published two times per year (June and December). Materials can be written in Romanian or English. We must underline the goal of JSI:  to promote digital content in Romanian Language.

We invite contributors to write their materials in an accessible format, including an audience who may not be familiar with the particular subject matter addressed in the article. Manuscripts can be in the follwoig categories: articles, research papers, commentaries and reviews. Please consult the Guidelines page concerning how to submit your paper.

The journal is also an interactive platform - a place where you may comment, find links to interesting sites, conferences or look up for new books or other social artifacts. Futhermore, being published exclusively online in a new format JSI seeks to reach not only a broad audience in the field of social informatics, but also to provide a multimedia background and hypermedia links to proper illustrate the content under discussion.

We also hope that the existence of this journal within the world of electronic scientific publications of its type, will not be a meteoric one, but that it will gain the confidence of the academic community.

JSI is  indexed and abstracted (fully available) by: